Photos and freeze-frames. Taken with an iPhone or a reflex. Photoshopped, or not. Here we share our favourite shots with you.


Letters in motion. Follow the strokes. Add some flourish to your day!


Observe. Learn. Practise, practise, practise some more. Then embellish your day with harmonious letter-forms.


Stuff you'll need, things you'll like. Just a click away.

Here are our latest articles

  • Thinking of you

    Thinking of you
    Isn’t it important sometimes just to send a short note to say that … you are thinking of someone who counts in your life? If the message is written in calligraphy, it is even more precious to he/she […]

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  • Thanks (with some ink spots)

    There are days when nothing seems to go like it should. (Those days generally follow the nights where you didn’t get enough sleep.) And here is a case in point! I wanted to do a simple Thank You note for […]

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  • A Fairy Tale for Baby “O”

    A tale for Baby “O”
    This tale for Baby “O” was destined for my cousin’s baby shower. It was a bit of a “stab in the dark”, as I don’t see him often & I don’t know the baby’s Mom, so I just […]

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  • Pocket Letters I & II

    Making Pocket Letters are a great way to spend time in your craft room! These first two took me several hours to create – but I had a load of fun doing them! They are “baby cards” for 2 newborns […]

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  • Bloomin’ Happy Retirement

    A gift for Michèle, who is now enrolled in Retirement 101

    Writing tool : Touch® marker and Pilot parallel pen (3.8 mm)
    Letter style : Freehand and Modern Gothic

    First of all, perhaps you’d like a translation of the text : Wishing you […]

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The art of beautiful writing

Get the calligraphy habit.

In the age of giga-octets, touch screens and contactless payments, learning Calligraphy might seem like something only great-grandparents would do. But that's not true. Over the last few years, more and more people have picked up pen & paper to practise many different types of calligraphy: our own latin-based alphabet (our specialty), as well as oriental calligraphies.

A contemporary pastime.

Some people like to call calligraphy "yoga for the soul". When you are focused on your breathing, thinking about your upstrokes and downstrokes, you can't be worried about that last business meeting or what you're going to make for dinner tonight, nor when the kids' next dental appointment is. Take a deep breath, concentrate on your letter and let the ink flow.

Let Calligraphy take the strain.

Just starting out in Calligraphy? You won't need to spend a fortune in supplies, like you do with other hobbies. Get a pen-holder and nib, a jar of ink and some good quality paper ... and you're ready to begin. Later on, you'll want to add markers, automatic pens, brush pens and the other fun tools to your kit. Of course, it's lots of fun to experiment with different papers and supports, too.

The future's bright. The future's Calligraphy.