For the next 24 days, I’ve decided that I’m going to recycle old Christmas cards by scanning them and using them as backgrounds for words and short phrases that I will write in calligraphy. Thierry and I came up with the list of words in the car one day. I’m not going to write them in any particular order, just whatever inspires me on that particular day.

families getting together

  • Style of letters:   Uncial
  • Writing tool used: Pilot parallel pen, 6 mm (the blue one)

Since I’m already counting the days until my daughter comes home for her Christmas holidays, I’ve started with “families getting together”. You’ll notice that the thin strokes of my g’s are really quite, well, THIN … which makes the text slightly less legible. In the image below (British Library), you’ll see that the “tail” of the g in the word Galilaeae (near the middle) is a little thicker. Of course, this text was likely written with a quill.

british library manuscript uncial

See you tomorrow for another word/phrase!