During the 24 days leading up to Noël, I’ve decided that I’m going to recycle old Christmas cards by scanning them and using them as backgrounds for words and short phrases that I will write in calligraphy. Thierry and I came up with the list of words in the car one day. I’m not going to write them in any particular order, just whatever inspires me on a given day.

Christmas is a time for sharingsharing

  • Style of letters:   Flourished italics
  • Writing tool used: Pilot parallel pen, 3.8 mm (the green one)

Christmas is a time for sharing … sharing our time, sharing happy moments, sharing our “wealth”, sharing fun (and copious) meals — and hopefully sharing some of the tasks in the kitchen, too!

It’s a time to be a little less ego-centric, to reach out, to give some of what we have to those less fortunate.