5 nativity

  • Writing Tool: Calame (reed pen), 5 mm
  • Letter Style: “La Caroline” (similar to Bookhand)

This style of calligraphy seems familiar to us all — it’s what we often see in books, on posters, in manuals of all sorts. The letter shapes are round and regular, making it easy to read (as opposed to a gothic hand, which is harder to decipher). Dating from the 8th century, the ascenders and descenders are distinct which result in significant inter-line spacing. The lettering hasn’t undergone any fundamental changes since.

As for the background, these little figurines are called SANTONS. The nativity scene, peopled with Santons, are one of the back-bones of Christmas in Provence (along with the 13 desserts!). The scenery may look exotic to some of you, but it is just oh-so-typical of the area that I live in.