6 snowman

  • Writing tool: Calame (reed pen), 5 mm
  • Style of writing: Simple Gothic Script

This is a simplified variation of a Gothic Script. In my opinion, it is the easiest for beginners to learn, as the letters do not have any inclination to master. I use it often when I’m conducting classes in schools, and the kids, no matter how young, are always thrilled to see that they can actually draw letters like these!

When Thierry and I were coming up with the list of words that you’re seeing on this “Advent Calendar of Words”, clearly it was ME who thought of this one! Having grown up in Canada, snowmen were just a part of my life. Thierry lived his early years in Algeria (when it was still a French colony), so snowmen are something pretty exotic to him!

Below, the most recent photo of a snowman in my album. Just looking at it brings back tons of (cold) memories!