11 poinsettia

  • Writing Tool : Calame 5 mm (reed pen)
  • Style : French Roundhand

Should I let you in on a secret? When I wrote this word with the calame, I made a spelling mistake; I forgot the second i. Of course, I didn’t see the error until I was scanning the word. So, instead of getting all my calligraphy material back out and writing the word over again, I “PhotoShopped” the last i into Poinsettia. Look closely, you’ll see that they are identical, which is next to impossible when hand-writing.

I certainly don’t have a green thumb, like my Mom and my époux (husband), but I do like having Poinsettias in the house at Christmas-time. The image here is from one of our White Oaks Wishes cards : Poinsettia Card.