How sad, lots of people will never experience the joy of Winter Wonderland, as I have. Yes, this is just a copy of a Christmas card that I received in the past, but it certainly evokes memories. We have a pond down in our back field at home (home being the farm that I grew up on in Ontario, Canada). Lots of times, we would spot deer coming for a drink. In fact, Mom still keeps a pair of binoculars hanging by the back door, just to get a better look at them.

17 winter wonderland

  • Writing Tool: pointed pen
  • Letter Style: cursive, stylised in Illustrator

When I learned to write in Cursive, I religiously drew guidelines to keep my letters and words as straight and even as possible. Now, it is fashionable to have letters of different heights, some dipping below the baseline or hovering above it, like this :

happy mother's day Obviously, the wording is out of season, as it’s only down under that Mother’s Day is celebrated in winter! But at least you can see what I mean by the uneven lettering style. It’s fun to nestle ascenders and descenders into the spaces between the letters in the words above or below.

I’m going to make is a 2016 goal to loosen up a little more, to add a little more personality to my writing style. It’ll be easy enough to do; I’ll just have to work on pieces of plain paper, with no lines or rules to inhibit the natural flow of the hand.