best wishes

  • Writing Tool: pointed pen
  • Letter style: Cursive

People tend to send their Best Wishes by email or SMS these days. What a shame! It’s just so much fun to race to the mailbox to see what the postman has left for us. Sadly, he leaves fewer and fewer non-window envelopes (synonymous with bills or publicity). As postage prices go up, fewer people use the snail-mail system to send their best wishes for Christmas or birthdays.

Old habits die hard, though. I still have a tendency to rush to the letterbox as soon as I see the familiar yellow La Poste vehicle go by.

At the calligraphy association that I head up, we do a draw for birthday cards at our annual General Assembly meeting. Everyone’s name and birthday goes into a hat, the names are drawn and each member makes and sends a handmade birthday card to one of the other members of the group. It’s inexpensive and guarantees at least one hand-addressed envelope in the mailbox (making for a moment of sheer happiness) for each member on her birthday.

Why don’t you, too, send some best wishes in calligraphy in 2016?