Smile, Christmas is almost here!

22 smile

  • Writing tool: 5 mm Zig Calligraphy marker
  • Letter style : Uncial

zig markersThe ZIG CALLIGRAPHY MARKERS have two tips, a wide one (5 mm) and a narrow one (2 mm). These are good quality markers, as the tips stay crisp quite a long time. The ink doesn’t dry up fast, either. The biggest criticism I might have is that the yellow marker is really useless. I’d rather see it replaced with a another shade of blue or green. You’ll find this product on the Boutique page of this site : here.

Once upon a time, I used these markers with my beginning calligraphy students. Now I tend to have them jump-right-in and use the pen and ink technique right from the start. This has disadvantages, though, as pen-and-ink can sometimes be frustrating. That is why I always encourage them to test and try all the tools I have available to them, such as these markers, fountain pens, Pilot parallel pens …

Today is December 22nd. I am certainly going to have a huge smile on my face this afternoon, as my daughter will be home for the holidays this afternoon!