Journeys & Destinations …

only one person can take us

  • Writing tool: 3.8 mm parallel pen (the green one)
  • Letter style: Modern gothic

Over the holidays, our friend Michel gave us a little book of thoughts to meditate on. There are 365 of them … obviously the author forgot that this is a leap year! This one “speaks to me”, as it says what we all know (but sometimes forget). The only person responsable for our situation is … ourself. So, let’s pull up our socks and move toward that place where we want to be. It’s also important to remember that the journey is part of the destination. It’s impossible to separate those two life concepts. “Getting where we want to be” includes that day-to-day journey that we are all on.

This photo was taken at the Château du Thor over the Christmas holidays. The weather was relatively clear, so we could see out toward the Mont Ventoux and the Lubéron. It was a two hour walk from the house (round trip), so was good for burning off a few of those extra calories we took in over the end-of-the-year festivities.