Write a tag in calligraphy to embellish your gifts

Miléna's Christmas present, wrapped

  • Letter style: Modern Gothic
  • Writing tool: A Pilot Parallel Pen 2.4 mm was used with their standard red ink to write the name ‘Miléna’ on the tag

Yes, you’re right, it’s awfully late for Christmas presents! I just happen to be one of those that is perennially running behind schedule. I also happen to be someone who LOVES gift-wrapping and tag-making. If such a thing as “Professional Gift Wrapper and Tag Writer” existed in the job-market, I’d be the ideal candidate!

Having cupboards full of odds and ends, scraps of paper and loads of inks, creating tags that match my gifts is easy. Although the colour of the Christmas ornament and the colour of the ink on the tag look different in this photo, they are in fact quite close. The shine on the paper that I cut the Christmas ornament out of  throws the colour off in the camera’s eye.

My gift-wrapping design is often dictated by the papers I am using. For example, it would have been nice to write Miléna’s name directly onto the red Christmas ornament on the tag, but the shiny red paper isn’t at all adapted to calligraphy ink. Thus, the name was written on a piece of off-white paper, punched out with a Stampin’ Up! punch, burnished with a Distress ink pad and sponge, decorated with fine-tip markers and then glued onto the main tag.

One error that I often see in my students’ work is that they incorporate too many colours into their project. I prefer using a limited number of colours. In the case of this gift, the wrapping paper had red, silver and white accents. Those, then, are the colours I used for the tag and its accessories.