Thanks (with ink spots)


There are days when nothing seems to go like it should. (Those days generally follow the nights where you didn’t get enough sleep.) And here is a case in point! I wanted to do a simple Thank You note for friends that invited us for a wonderful dinner and evening at their place. My idea was to keep it clean and simple, with just a short sentence written in black on white watercolour paper.

Well! I hadn’t used the Pentel brush pen in a while, and when I took the cap off, ink gushed out onto my fingers. I washed my hands immediately, wiped up the desk — and even then, the ink managed to find its way onto the back of the paper and the envelope. Grrgh.

I chose to ignore the ink spots and move on

Since they were just small marks, I decided I would work around them. So I did the writing. And then I set it aside to let it dry. I left it alone for quite a long time, more than half an hour, before I got out my eraser to get rid of my guidelines. And the ink blurred. Grrgh.

Of course, there are times when the best thing to do is to start over. And there are other times when you just have to get something done and off your plate so you can get on with the thousand other things that are waiting to be done. This morning, this task fell into the second category. So I just cleaned it all up as best I could, addressed the envelope, stuck a stamp on it and sent it off.

The way I figure it, even with an ink stain or two, it’s more personal than a text message.

Writing tools : Pentel brush pen and a fine point marker

Letter style : Freestyle for the word “thanks”, inspiration Charles Rennie MacIntosh for the rest