Thinking of you

Isn’t it important sometimes just to send a short note to say that … you are thinking of someone who counts in your life? If the message is written in calligraphy, it is even more precious to he/she who receives it.

A card that says, "Thinking of you"

  • Writing tools : Pentel brush pen, Brause nib 2 mm
  • Letter style : Modern gothic letters (une pensée pour), free-style (vous)

Admittedly, I’m about as computer-oriented as anyone from my generation could be. My workshop boasts one desktop and one laptop computer, an iPad, a cell phone … and tons of software, apps and the rest.

On the same time, I only know one other person in this world who sends more hand-written notes and home-made cards than I — and she’s my mother! Personally, I think Canada Post and La Poste in France should decorate us with medals of honour!

Above, one of those very simple (but elegant) cards that can be done in a flash. I wrote on watercolour paper that I had cut beforehand to fit into a standard-size envelope. In a nutshell, here’s how it was done:

  • the word “vous” (you) was first written on scrap paper with my brush pen, just so that I had an idea of how big I was going to write it, and how much space it would need;
  • I then wrote it on the watercolour paper (using no guidelines, so that it felt a little more spontaneous);
  • the same procedure was used for the “une pensée pour” (which translates literally to “a thought for”: first I did the calligraphy on scrap paper, I then traced my guidelines onto the watercolour paper, then did the calligraphy using an oblique Brause 2mm nib & black ink;
  • the finishing touch is a simple white flower (cut out with my BigShot) and a ½ pearl in its centre.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen today and tell someone important, “I’m thinking of you.”

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