IMG_0045Hello. This is me, Mary-Jane. I’m Canadian. And French. I come from the Kawarthas (Ontario) and live in the South of France.  I’m the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer here at Online-Calligraphy.

I head up a non-profit group called Pleins et Déliés, based in Jonquerettes. (C’mon, say it right! Pronounce it “Plennes eh Day-lee-aye”.) In addition to running this site and a sister-site in French (, we do classes for adults in our pittoresque little village as well as workshops in primary and junior high schools.

When I’m in a classroom, kids often ask me,

“How long have you been doing calligraphy?” &  “Why do you like Calligraphy?”

To the first question, I answer that, as a child, I went to Church every Sunday. Some kids paid attention to what the preacher was saying; others stared at the stained glass, waiting for the minutes to tick by. And I spent the time copying and re-drawing the lettres of the song titles, which were written in a Gothic hand in our hymnbook.

As for their second question, I usually tell them that, if you believe in reincarnation, I must have been a monk in a former life!