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This class was conceived for beginners. We will learn a simple Gothic hand, working with a 3 mm oblique nib. Otherwise, the necessary materiel is easy to come by: grid paper, pencil, ruler, an old brush to load the ink into the pen. It’s helpful, too, to have a little stand to set your brush on when you’re not using it.

In this online calligraphy course, we will start with some exercises, necessary to get the ink flowing and to become familiar with the pen. Once that is mastered, we will move onto the learning the lower-case letters. Each letter will be demonstrated, so that you can imitate the movements on the supplied documents (that you will have printed beforehand). The letters have been re-grouped: we don’t start with the letter “a” and move through the alphabet to finish with the “z”.

The first group of letters contains those based on the letter “i” (i, n, m, u, v, w, y, t, r, x, l, h, k, f, j, p). Next, we study the letters based on the “o” (o, g, q, b, d, c, e). The last group has only 3 letters: a, z, s.

Afterwards, the capital letters are demonstrated. Again, you can practice drawing the letters on the supplied sheets and also on your grid paper.

The gothic hands date from the Middle Ages, of course. At that time, Roman Numerals were used, and not the Arabic numbers that we use today. However, you will find a sheet of “Gothic Style” numbers at the end of this course.

I suggest that you practice your calligraphy as often as possible. Use it wherever and whenever you can : on envelopes, on name-cards, menus, book-marks … and so on!

One way to make your practice sessions interesting is to write pangrams, which are sentences that contain every letter of the alphabet. The most common is The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. You can find many more on internet!

Online Calligraphy Courses

At this time, only one course is available online, but I am working on others!