An advent calendar of words, Day 11: POINSETTIA

Writing Tool : Calame 5 mm (reed pen) Style : French Roundhand Should I let you in on a secret? When I wrote this word with the calame, I made a spelling mistake; I forgot the secondĀ i. Of course, I didn’t see the error until I was scanning the word. So, instead of getting all […]

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An Advent Calendar of Words, Day 6

Writing tool: Calame (reed pen), 5 mm Style of writing: Simple Gothic Script This is a simplified variation of a Gothic Script. In my opinion, it is the easiest for beginners to learn, as the letters do not have any inclination to master. I use it often when I’m conducting classes in schools, and the […]

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An Advent Calendar of Words, Day 5

Writing Tool: Calame (reed pen), 5 mm Letter Style: “La Caroline” (similar to Bookhand) This style of calligraphy seems familiar to us all — it’s what we often see in books, on posters, in manuals of all sorts. The letter shapes are round and regular, making it easy to read (as opposed to a gothic […]

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